About Rossell's Maple

Pure Maple Syrup in southwestern Pennsylvania

Here at Rossell's Maple we use the most state of the art equipment to make the best maple syrup possible. Rossell's Maple sells Wholesale to local grocery stores and limited retail sales at local shows and festivals. Once a year Open House is held where the doors are open to the public to come and watch the syrup making process.




       Rossell's Maple offers competitive pricing on wholesale maple syrup. All products have a UPC barcode that is owned by our company. Rossell's Maple is USDA registered and is a member of the PA Preferred Program. If you are interested in carrying our Product, Call Jobie at 724-986-0631.


There are several local stores that carry our products. Please refer to the locations tab above for a list.

We attend a few local shows and festivals throughout the year. For information on this please visit our facebook page for updates on events, or call Jobie at 724-986-0631




The maple syrup manufacturing process is very intriguing! Our process is very modern, with computer monitoring and control systems. Come check out the process and enjoy the outdoors. Request tour info by calling Jobie at 724-986-0631.



Rossell's Maple

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